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We are dedicated to providing you the finest "Original" Black  Forest German Cuckoo Clocks available for sale anywhere.  Please, enjoy your visit to our web site.  In addition to our fine selection of Cuckoo clocks, we will also strive to provide you with an ever changing selection of interesting  clocks and other items. 
Sit back, and enjoy yourself.


Look At Our Cuckoo Clocks!
     Please click this link to preview the finest collection of Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks available!

 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find a link to see how they are made.


Look At Our Rhythm Clocks!
     RHYTHM WATCH CO., LTD. was established in 1950. Over the years, we have developed into a world leader in the manufacturing of time keeping products with the production of approximately 20,000,000 clocks and movements sold throughout the world.
     RHYTHM is set apart from the rest of the industry by its investment in the development of state-of-the-art features. Keeping in mind the needs of you, the consumer, RHYTHM has developed features and designs that meet the needs of today's lifestyle with motion and sound that attracts the consumer.


  Personalized Cake Pans!
Our cake pans come complete with a heavy duty powder coated aluminum snap on cover.  The covers come in 4 fabulous colors (Red, Blue, Green, or Cranberry).  The cake pans measure 9" x 13" and are made of high quality aluminum.



novlety.JPG (51945 bytes) Look At Our Small German Novelty Clocks!
     These are too cute!  Small original German novelty cuckoo clocks.  You can choose either Quartz (battery operated) or mechanical (wind up) clocks.  Have fun!



  Peruvian Water Whistles!
Come check out our awesome water whistles that are hand made in Peru!



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The Black Forest
Read about the area in
Germany where the
Cuckoo Clocks come

Cuckoo Clock

The chronicle of the
Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks.

How they are made
All Cuckoo Clocks
on this site are
handmade in the
Black Forest.

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