Memory Lane Clocks

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Cute Black Forest Novelty Clocks

These are very cute and colorful, little German Novelty clocks.  Clocks numbered; 110 through 203/1 are key wound- 30 hour, mechanical clocks.  Clocks numbered; 110-SQ through 198/6-SQ, are quartz, which means no winding as they will run until the  "AA" battery needs changing.  Both the mechanical and the quartz clocks make wonderful gifts for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, or is just the little clock for your kitchen or that favorite someone's bedroom.  Children adore these!!  Click on the small pictures to see a much larger picture of the clock, and the price.


 Mechanical Novelty Clocks

110               110K               129K               144               166                 185                  192

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 201            202            203/1

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 Quartz Novelty Clocks

       110-SQ        192-SQ        144-SQ     164-SQ      166-SQ      170-SQ      193-SQ        130-SQ       

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