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Hunter's Clock, Dead Animals

Original, hand carved, eight-day, 3 weight, Black Forest German Cuckoo Clock.  This gorgeous hunter has exquisite carving detail to it.  Everything about this clock has to do with hunting!  Everything from the stag head at top, the muskets that are crossed, the pheasant, the hare, the hunterís horn, even the hunterís bag. This gorgeous clock cuckoos the hour then the dancers dance while music is played.  On the half-hour the bird cuckoos once to indicate the half-hour.  This clock is the only hunter we carry where the animals on the sides are hanging upside down to represent the animals being dead.  Now a day, with animal rights activists, they require that the animals look alive.  It is sure to make a statement in any room of the house.

No. MD847-24
24" Tall
The price is only