DWS Kaleidoscope
Model # 4MJ849-R06
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This magic motion clock comes alive like a carnival in a burst of light, motion, and music. The face splits each hour to reveal the brilliance of dancing light from the triangles and a rainbow of rotating colors beneath. All the while, a festive group of figures move up and down below to the warm sound of DWS melodies.

Plays every hour.
6 different melodies.
Auto night shut-off.
Demonstration button.
Volume control.
Comes with 4 D size batteries.

Size : 25.6"H x 13.9"W
Weight : 10.2 lbs.


Songs this clock plays:

  1. Cannon
  2. Sonate fur Klavier K545-1
  3. Heidenroslein
  4. Nocturne
  5. Hey Jude
  6. Edelweiss